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Minolta 35-70 Zoom

Many years ago in the early 90s when I was photographing with a Canon EOS film camera I  bought myself a Tamron 70-200 (or possibly 70-210) zoom. This was one of the cheap f4 - f5.6 models rather than the high end f2.8 version. It was rubbish. Even to my untrained eye I could see that the images were soft, the colours were washed out and contrast was almost non-existent. I concluded that cheap zooms were junk and never bought another one until many years later in the digital era when it seemed lens designers finally worked out how to make decent affordable zooms.

As a result of this experience I assumed that zooms of that era and certainly any that were even older were not worth having. Hence all of the manual focus Nikkors and Rokkors I have bought for my Nikon and Minolta SLRs, lenses which date from the 70s and 80s, have been primes. However, having read up as much as I could find on Minolta MD lenses online it seemed clear that there were a few exceptions and the 35-70 f3.5 was on…

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